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Krionz's gameplay for Warrior Epic (PC)

Krionz played Warrior Epic

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Krionz said...
  • frustrated
Getting tired of this patch. Hoping next one will be released this week. Lagging through the roof....
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Agreed! v3.004 was definitely a step backward, but really they're due for a major update, not another bugfixing patch. It's been out for a few months now, surely they should be getting ready to finish the game off with PvP and working classes.
PvP is being tested over on PS's side. I should be getting a link to the test server from Kojo any day now. v3.005 is supposedly almost done (according to HellRaiser). I haven't heard anything about the expansion other than they're working out the bugs in Trogken(so whatever they mean by July i guess....)
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